Company Profile

"In a few years' time, people may not remember where she comes from originally when they talk about BYHEALTH, as she is the 'United Nations' of superior nutrition supplements which gathers their essence worldwide."


Established in October 1995, BYHEALTH introduced Vitamin & Dietary Supplements into Chinese indirect selling market systematically in 2002, and grew into a leading brand and iconic company in this industry. In August 2010, Yao Ming, a former NBA superstar, signed to become the media spokesperson of BYHEALTH. On December 15, 2010, BYHEALTH went on public listing on the GEM in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

For more than a decade, BYHEALTH has been adhering to execute the 'Three-Step' differentiation global quality strategy, from sourcing of the raw materials globally, to establishing its global exclusive raw material supply bases, and ultimately, building its own organic farms worldwide. So far its raw materials have been imported from 23 countries, and five exclusive raw material supply bases have been established in countries such as Brazil and Australia, with its own organic farms under construction in the meantime. BYHEALTH has been seeking the high-quality raw materials globally, and is becoming the 'United Nations' of superior nutrition supplements which gathers their essence worldwide.

Established in Zhuhai in June 2012, BYHEALTH has the first 'transparent factory' within its industry, which is one of the advanced production bases worldwide for Vitamin & Dietary Supplements with strict quality control. The transparent factory is open to the public with its global raw materials traceable and the producing process visible. There are about 200 detection items of internal control which are carried out with standards that are stricter than the national standards, in order to keep the customer confidence with high quality products. BYHEALTH always believes that 'Integrity is more important than intelligence', as integrity is the foundation of the business. 'In the situation of asymmetric information, integrity and transparency are particularly important.' BYHEALTH treats its customers like best friends and families, and has always had a commitment to provide world-class high quality products.

BYHEALTH adequately integrates the resources of leading experts from various nutrition and health research institutions domestically and worldwide, and keeps its focus on innovative research and development of 'new functions, new raw materials and new technologies'. It has established the comprehensive and scientific dietary supplement system, including protein, vitamins, mineral substance, natural animal and plant extracts and other functional Vitamin & Dietary Supplements. Apart from providing high quality nutrition supplements, BYHEALTH also has a growing focus on solving health problems and improving the quality of life.

'Integrity over intelligence ', 'Embrace change through innovation, respond to change with speed' and 'Respect everyone, enjoy every day' are the core values of BYHEALTH. It pursues balance between live in happiness and strive for happiness , respects individual values and pools the wisdoms of the group,they represent the unique corporate spirit of BYHEALTH. 

'Every life has equal value no matter where he/she was born and lives.' The philosophy for public welfare of BYHEALTH is 'Gain More and Share More'. We are only gaining through giving to others, and the more you give, the more you will receive in return. In 2005, BYHEALTH launched the 1+1 Hope Project, and it has provided assistance in the construction of 14 Hope Primary Schools so far. In 2011, it launched the grand public benefit program of 'China Tour of Health & Nutrition Express'. In 2012, it started the 'Improvement program of Children's Nutrition in Poverty-stricken Areas'. In 2013, together with China Youth Development Foundation, it initiated 'Hope Project - Nutritional Supporting Education Program by BYHEALTH'. We may have limited abilities, but we will never give up on helping others.

According to the strategic thinking of 'Self-driven all the way towards consumers (consumer-oriented)', BYHEALTH is upgrading its marketing strategy from product marketing to value marketing. It is aiming to grow from a single product provider to a comprehensive solution provider for health intervention, and committed to become one of the leading companies in the dietary supplement industry which can create greater health values for consumers.

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